We are focused on developing products for operations intensive industries. All our products are created with a goal of serving the customers with useful analytics that helps reduce their operational costs. We at ORMAT, believe in technology that really helps reduce the cost of operations, brings efficiency and most importantly easy to use. Our products are created with cutting-edge technologies driven by extensive research and delivered in top quality with excellent service.

FleetOR: Cloud based Fleet Management System

A comprehensive Fleet Management System built on cloud platform. FleetOR Web Application features various functionality to take out the pain in fleet operations and gives better control over the fleet. Helps build your own solutions with following advantages:

  • Very light-weight and intuitive GUI, that works well on all browsers
  • Possibility to interface any GPS/GPRS hardware available in the market
  • Leverage on robust back-end to provide best solutions for your customers
  • FleetOR scales automatically with increasing traffic demands
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1-Wire® RFID Reader

1-Wire® RFID Reader is very useful product to integrate with Vehicle trackers. Most of the RFID readers available in the market support RS-232 output or Weigand Output, making it mandatory to choose a tracker or any internet connected hardware that support these interfaces.

1-Wire® RFID Reader gives more flexibility to build solutions at affordable cost. Many security systems from Europian & US market support 1-Wire® iButton for authentication. 1-Wire® RFID can be used alternatively for iButton and get your solution working with low cost RFID cards!

  • Flexibility in system integration
  • Extended contact-less read range upto 4cm
  • Emulates DS1990A (Serial Number iButton by Dallas Semiconductor)
  • Buzzer & Bi-color LED for local visual notification on successful RFID card read
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1-Wire RFID Reader (iButton emulation)