Temperature Monitoring for Cold Chain logistics

//Temperature Monitoring for Cold Chain logistics
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Multiple temperature sensors for refrigerated vehicleCold Chain logistics have the challenges of storing & transporting perishable items such as fruits & veg and allied products, poultry, fish, meat, milk & dairy products, etc.,

The warehouses nowadays use advanced technologies to maintain the desired temperature levels and monitor them. However, a comprehensive temperature monitoring of reefer container throughout the transit is utmost important.

ORMAT’s Temperature Monitoring solution for Cold Chain logistics, employs Digital Temperature Sensors and Multi-Zone Temperature junction to live monitor the temperature readings at multiple locations inside the reefer container. The Temperature Junction hardware is specially designed and developed by ORMAT to enable as many as 16 temperature sensor connections per container.

Along with continuous trip monitoring and other advanced tracking features, it offers live monitoring of  temperature readings in all the zones in the reefer container. The fleet companies can generate warehouse to warehouse transit temperature reading reports.

Live Tracking

Know the whereabouts of all your vehicles from anywhere!

Your fleet at your fingertip

With its state of the art tracking features, knowing the whereabouts of your vehicles becomes convenient and affordable at once. Not just the location on Map, you can know the activity status.

Real-time Alarms

Be notified of all useful events from your fleet including temperature alerts

Instant Alert System

FleetOR sends you real time alerts, if the temperature value crosses the desired range, providing you an edge in taking corrective actions such as loading pattern, Refrigerator checkup and cooling adjustment.

Optionally control Fuel Pilferage

Keep a tab on routes, mileages, Fuel quantity and driving habits. End result, Fuel Saved!

Save Fuel, Stop Diesel theft with Digital Sensor

Using Digital Fuel Level sensor, FleetOR provides you live measurements of remaining diesel in your truck fuel tank. It uses intelligent algorithm and automatically detect Diesel Refill & Theft cases with accurate quantity in Litres. So, No more diesel pilferage !
Our accurate diesel monitoring helps you choose honest fuel bunks, know the actual mileage of your truck and improve the fuel efficiency by forcing good driving habits and timely servicing.

More about Temperature Monitoring for Reefer Vehicles

Our unique Temperature Junction enables connection of up-to 16 low cost temperature sensors and helps you cut cost on temperature loggers. The 1-wire Digital Temperature Sensors are very cost effective and reliable.

Built on our cloud based IoT platform, the solution offers highest availability and reliable analytics.

Why Choose Our Solution?

      • Reliable & Responsive Solution
      • The accuracy of our metrics are dependable and actionable
      • 100% Customer satisfaction
      • Leverage on our years of experience in deploying the solution in fleet industry
      • Our honest, fair and transparent business policies

What Client’s Say

Very good product, tracks fuel refill, consumed, theft , real time location of vehicle along with speed.
What can be done more ? will be help full to have all the fleet location on a single map.
We had fantastic experience with regard to the fuel monitoring, we are satisfied with this solution.

We have taken services of the other solution providers in karnataka in fuel monitoring and GPS tracking, but the solution from ORMAT is exceptional. We have received the exact quantity of filling of fuel and exact location of the vehicle moving and parked only from the ORMAT software where in other software companies failed to provide the same. The service provided at the time of failure is also excellent, which one can as a proprietor should appreciate the same. In simple words best of all.

Surya Nataraj Sharma, Sai Neeta Express parcel service
Earlier we had tried many different GPS vehicle tracking solutions from many companies. No company offered fuel refill/theft detection. Solution by ORMAT has really proved to be the best. Its Odometer reading & Fuel Monitoring is the best in the market. We are getting accurate mileages of our trucks and fuel theft cases are completely stopped. It is installed in our trucks, cement carrying bulker and tipper trucks. We are very happy with this Diesel monitoring solution.
Purushotham.P.L, JanaPriya RMC Pvt. Ltd.