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Ready Mix Concrete Vehicle Monitoring

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) demand in construction industry is ever growing, because of its advantages over traditional on-site mixing process. The advantage of Ready Mix Concrete is that it is mixed as per the customer’s requirement in factory (batching plant) according to a particular grade under controlled environment with highest precision.

After the mixing, it is carried in in-transit mixers (RMC Drum) mounted on the trucks and delivered to work sites. The in-transit mixer preserves the quality of concrete mix till it reaches the construction site and this requires the mixer to be constantly rotating in the transportation.

Drum halts or mixer engine failures in the transportation results in bad quality RMC and often results in rejection by customers. This required precise monitoring of the complete transit.

Our Ready Mix Concrete Vehicle Monitoring solution offers provides Live Tracking of RMC vehicle, Drum status reporting, Instant alerts on mixer engine on/off status, over-time vehicle halts, Live Fuel Monitoring with automatic diesel refill/theft detection.

By deploying this solution, the RMC business will gain great control by monitoring everything from Web application from anywhere! And will be able keep quality delivery promises, timely deliveries and stop fuel pilferage.

Live tracking

Track all your RMC transit vehicles on digital map

Track transit routes & RMC deliveries

•Find optimal routes • Detect unofficial vehicle use • Detect prolonged stop times • View complete journey history • Get mileage, fuel consumption etc.

RMC Mixer Monitoring

Know when the Mixer is in action! Live updates about the RMC mixer, help you ensure timely and qualitative delivery of your concrete mix to work site.

RMC Mixer (Drum) status updates

Get real time updates of RMC Drum rotation status on Web Application & on your mobile via SMS and be informed about mishandling of the concrete mix.

Instant Alerts (SMS)

Get instant alerts on your mobile

Get complete RMC transit events

•Fuel Refill and Theft • Over speeding • Delays in the transit • Harsh braking • Fuel sensor disconnection • Antenna disconnection • Main battery power cut-off • RMC Mixer ON/OFF status

Gain Efficiency & Save on Fuel

Improve timely deliveries & Stop fuel thefts

Operational Excellence

Diesel Refill & Theft detection • Identify honest Diesel bunks • Detect Diesel filling station • Reduce Over Idle times

Delight your customers with your concrete mix quality & timeliness.

More about Ready Mix Concrete Vehicle Monitoring

Ready Mix Concrete Vehicle Monitoring solution by ORMAT is the best solution in India, with very happy customer base. It is built over FleetOR – Cloud based web application for reliable tracking of assets with highest accuracy.

With its highly accurate distance monitoring, Intelligent detection of Mixer ON/OF status and accurate Digital Fuel Level Transmitter, it has been appreciated by prestigious RMC companies as the best and reliable solution in India.

Why Choose Our Solution?

      • Reliable & Responsive Solution
      • The accuracy of our metrics are dependable and actionable
      • 100% Customer satisfaction
      • Leverage on our years of experience in deploying the solution in fleet industry
      • Our honest, fair and transparent business policies

What Client’s Say

We are using RMC Vehicle tracking system by ORMAT. It constantly detects when Drum rotation starts and when it stops. No need to call drivers and check. Now we can calculate mileage of RMC vehicles accurately when its on load and when without load. I recommend it to all RMC business owners.
Mr. Purushotham.P.L, JanaPriya RMC Pvt. Ltd.