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Safe transit of school children is of paramount importance as well as concern to both parents and school authorities. We work with the authorities and employ a unique combination of advanced systems to make school vehicles safer for children.

FleetOR – Safe School Transport provides the essential technology to have better control over children transportation safety concerns. It provides live vehicle tracking, route information and reports rash driving alerts. It makes use of advanced GPS Vehicle Tracker with security addressing features such as Emergency reporting (using SOS button near driver), to alert on Emergencies with highest priority.

Additional provision for RFID based students identification, school bus attendance, Boarding & Alighting events recording makes it a fool proof solution to security concerns in school bus transportation.

Live tracking

Track your kid's transit from anywhere!

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Employs high accuracy and high power GPS receiver to point your school vehicle on digital map. Vehicle tracker is configured to track at minute travel distances, yet relayed instantly to web application without delay.

Parents are well informed

Know when the school vehicle is about to Pickup/Alight kids

Pickup/Drop Intimations

Software configurable Geo-Fences identify each kid’s pickup/drop point. Parents will be informed when the vehicle is nearing the pickup/drop point, and when the school bus/van leaves or reaches the school.

In-Vehicle Attendance

RFID based attendance system

Parents know when the kid boards/alights

RFID readers ensure that the child’s attendance cannot be faked. This means parents and school authorities will have complete peace of mind. In-vehicle attendance is securely saved in the servers with exact time-stamp & location information.

Driving habits monitored

Keep a tab on driving habits

Enforce safe driving

Reports about harsh driving, wrong routes etc., are sent on priority. Any emergency situations are reported immediately with highest priority.

More about Safe School Transport

Safe School Transport is built over FleetOR – Cloud based web application for reliable processing of every minute distance moved by the vehicle, with highest accuracy.
Each and every event in the transit is recorded and stored securely in the cloud servers.
Provides detailed transit analysis to address security concerns.

Why Choose Our Solution?

      • Reliable & Responsive Solution
      • The accuracy of our metrics are dependable and actionable
      • 100% Customer satisfaction
      • Leverage on our years of experience in deploying the solution in fleet industry
      • Our honest, fair and transparent business policies

What Client’s Say

Very good product, tracks fuel refill, consumed, theft , real time location of vehicle along with speed.
What can be done more ? will be help full to have all the fleet location on a single map.